Swift Air

Hurry! Save the aircraft from crashing the insane maze!

Mayday Mayday!
The aircraft will go down without your help.
Help them now!
Your goal is to use your gyroscopic skill to control the aircraft not to crash.
Focus and avoid all obstacles at all means.
You will be facing high speed challenge and moving obstacles.
As the airplane fly further, you will have higher score.

Are you ready to join be in charge of the aircraft?
Download for FREE today!

Swift Air features:
Take control of your plane!

The adventure will not get easier.
Feel challenged?

Who can get the best score?
Challenge them.

How to play:
Be the pilot and try not to crash~
1. Navigate the aircraft by moving your device left and right.
2. Avoid all obstacles and fly through the bonus ring.
3. If you hit any obstacle, the game is over.
4. Get you highest score by fly farther and get more bonus ring.